FOR THE EMPLOYEES OF T-SHIRT EXPRESS, PRINTING SHIRTS IS A LABOR OF LOVE ♥. It’s also sometimes just labor. Screen-printing hasn’t changed much in the 3,000 years of existing. We screen printers have adopted technological improvements slowly. Some of the enjoyment of the creation of printed shirts is the physical nature of the process. We are T-Shirt Express. We print shirts.


T-Shirt Express has been “decorating garments” for 34 plus years. Some things have changed over the years, but mostly we do exactly what we did from day one. Put art on shirts. We’ve had two changes in ownership and one (very recent) business location move. Art separations were once exposed onto silver film using a 6′ tall camera and hand cut rubylith. Now art is drawn up on a computer and printed with an Epson printer. And we have email now. The rest is pretty much the same.



Drew McCoy is our owner.
Chad is our lead printer.
Chris is our lead artist.
Aaron is the accounts manager/customer service dude.
Mark maintains the screen process.