“How do you come up with your price?”

Great question! We’re very glad you asked.

Because there are a handful of key variables that differ with every order it’s impossible to have a one-price-fits-all price for custom screen printing.

In our world of screen printing an “order” is the number of garments receiving the IDENTICAL print(s) and print placements.


The cost of the garment is the least flexible variable. A polo from Nike comes at a significantly higher price than a basic short sleeve 6oz cotton shirt.

There are a staggering number of shirt styles and brands to choose from. Going through all the options to select the right shirt for your group can be intimidating. That’s where we come in. We shirt everyday and we’re really good at it. Let us help select the right one for your group.

Now that you’ve chosen the right garment (style and brand) the pricing variable kicks in. The more shirts you buy the lower the price per shirt.


Art matters. A good graphic is an investment – it escalates the shirt’s cool factor which means it will get worn (and therefore seen) more often.

But that’s a different conversation for another time. For the purpose of this discussion the artwork is ready and waiting.

In pricing your order we look at:

1 The number of colors in your artwork

  • Layered colors add depth, vitality, and character to your artwork
  • The cost per shirt marginally increases with each additional color used in the graphic because each additional color adds another step to the production setup and printing process

2 The number of print locations on the garment

  • It’s the number of print locations, not their size, that affects the price. Again, it comes back to production set-up and printing processes. A screen printed 2 color graphic on the front of the shirt is the same price as a 2 color graphic printed on the back of the shirt, regardless of size. Put the screen printed 2 color graphic on the back AND on the front and the price adjusts accordingly.

T-Shirt Express Ohio – Pricing Snapshot

More shirts = lower price per shirt

Fewer shirts = higher price per shirt

One print location = lower cost per shirt

Each additional print location = higher cost per shirt

Multiple colors = higher cost per shirt

One color = lower cost per shirt

Warning: if price is all that matters then buy a ton of shirts and use a single color clip-art graphic in a single location. But if you’re a visionary who recognizes that artfully messaged shirts are a valuable component of a sound marketing strategy – spend a little extra and create a shirt that people will be proud to wear and then, let the shirts do their job!

MONEY SAVING TIP: Planning on creating a multi-layered cohesive look for your staff/team/group by providing them with different styles of shirts (t-shirt, full zip hoodies, quarter zip pullover) printed with the same artwork? We’ll help you choose the combination of clothing that will work best for your group and then save your money by having them all printed at the same time!