Michelle of Katzinger’s Delicatessen was on a mission. She wanted shirts printed with funky-cool poster art to promote her new Dublin location.

A Bounty of Colors and Fabulous Details

We salivated at the challenge, although admittedly when we saw her artwork – we took a pause. Her art required FAR more colors than our 10 screen press could accommodate. We weren’t sure what we were going to do, but we did know that sacrificing colors and the fabulous detail in the original artwork was not an option.

These shirts had to do justice to the awesomeness that is Katzinger’s.

We are skilled printers.

We knew that if there was a way to do this project we would find it. Digging deep into our collective expertise, we examined and quickly eliminated the conventional printing techniques.

True Process Printing

We agreed. “True process printing” was the only solution.

Because it is such a technically difficult process, very few printers do ‘true process printing’ using CMYK inks and separations.

We threw ourselves into the project. We set the job up four different times before the end result met our exacting standards.

We definitely stepped outside of our comfort zones, pooling our knowledge and skillsets to take the hill, to stretch the boundaries of screenprinting to our will. True process printing is a kickass tool to have in our quiver.

We are still jazzed by the end product.

Look at the details in this screen printed artwork!
 True Process Printing allowed us to display the incredible details in the artwork.

But most importantly, Michelle loved the end result!

Next time you’re in the German Village of Columbus or Dublin (Ohio!) stop in and savor an authentic reuben at Katzinger’s – there’s nothing quite like it.