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In case you haven’t yet cruised through the rest of our website, this is the cliffs note version of what we do.

1. We are screenprinters – to be more specific, we screenprint artwork on garments for businesses, events, family reunions…anyone and everyone who
needs at least 12 very cool shirts custom printed with expressive artwork.
2. Get Shirted – there are a staggering number of shirt styles and brands to choose from. If you’re not sure what brand you want, we’re happy to put our samples in your hands, answer your questions, and guide you in your decision.
3. Pricing – You’ll be happy to know that we’ve dumped the antiquated tier pricing system. At T-shirt Express Ohio every shirt in your order incrementally lowers the price per shirt. This eliminates the need to buy more shirts than you intended just to get a better deal.
3. Minimum print run -12 garments with the same artwork. Garments can vary in style and color – but to be considered one run, every shirt must be printed with the same artwork and placements.
4. Maximum print runs – We can easily, confidently, accept an order of 5,000 shirts and have them ready for you in our regular 10 business days. Need more
than 5000 shirts within 10 days? Let’s talk.
5. Artwork – Our in-house art department can handle 90% of the artwork requests we receive without breaking a sweat. If your vision requires an outsourced artist to bring it to its full potential, but don’t know where to look, we can help.
6. Shipping is free on orders of 72 or more. We ship UPS Ground. If you are ambushed by a deadline, other arrangements can be made.
7. 10-Day Turnaround – We will have your order ready to ship within 10 business days.
8. Ambushed by a Deadline? We’ll scour our production schedule to see if we can meet your ‘need by date’. Rest assured, you will know before your order is finalized if there will be an additional fee to cover overtime costs.

That’s the skinny on what we do.
Ready to get shirted?
Give us a call at (740) 393-0206 or fill out the form on the left.

We’ve Dumped the Antiquated

Tiered Pricing Model

Being an owner-operated business, we understand how precisely every cent you spend affects your bottom line.

We believe the screen printing industry’s traditional ‘Tiered Pricing Model’ works against your bottom line. If you only need 18 shirts, why should you have to buy 25 shirts to get a price break?

There’s the quandary.

Do you buy 25 shirts at a lower price per shirt, spend more money than you had planned and end up with 7 shirts gathering dust on a shelf somewhere?

Arbitrary pricing tiers are just that. Arbitrary.

Our “Smooth Curve” Pricing

At T-Shirt Express Ohio (that’s us) every additional shirt in your order incrementally lowers the price per shirt.

Buying 17 shirts is less expensive per shirt than buying 16 shirts.
Buying 18 shirts is less expensive per shirt than buying 17 shirts.
Buying 19 shirts is less expensive per shirt than buying 18 shirts.

You get the picture.

Every additional shirt in your order incrementally lowers the price per shirt.

 You enjoy a price break regardless of how many shirts you buy. You spend what you intended to spend and get the number of shirts you want.

Your bottom line will love you as much as you love the shirts your buying!

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