We are looking to hire a driven marketing professional with serious chops:

Minimum 2 years direct, relevant experience required.

You have:

– skills and experience

– hunger

We have:

– solid business foundation

– ridiculous potential

Market is:

– large as an ocean

We have a marketing strategy, a competent website, content and social, entrenched values, happy repeat customers, longtime employees, and an involved owner with a vision.

We are ready to grow. We have the capacity, capability, know-how to grow our current output 6X without blinking.

All we’re missing is you.

Our potential is itching for the right person with the right skills and the drive to help us build something amazing.

Are you:
Hungry to flex your marketing muscles?
Excited by the kernel of a huge opportunity?
Craving responsibility, room to swing your elbows?

Ready to leave your indelible mark?

Do you have the ability and the willingness to use our strategy as as spring board; execute it, expand it, and more it forward in a timely and deliberate fashion?

Go ahead. Grow us. Exponentially.
We’re up to the challenge!

Are you?

Brass tacks: 39K base. 2 and a half K increase per 50K gross income brought in above the baseline.

Best method to apply:

Apply through want ad at Indeed.com