Wanted: Automatic Press Operator

Are you bored stiff in a job that crawls through shades of gray?

Would you be jazzed in a job where you see the fabulous, tangible results of your efforts?

Do you crave work where the procedures are practical, systematic, and measurable?

Do machines make sense to you?

Best News Ever!

We’re T-Shirt Express Ohio. Our hot little screen printing shop is thriving in Mt Vernon, Ohio. We’re growing fast. We’re going far. And we’re ready to hire a new team member to run our automatic screen printing press.

No screen printing experience necessary.

You’ll be trained by two of the best printers in the state: me, and Chad. We know our stuff. At the end of week one you’ll know more than most printers.

We’ll teach you to print better than 90% of the shops in America. That’s where we already are. The rest is up to you. To be among the elite, you need to be driven to master the art of screen printing.

We want your capabilities to surpass where we are and eclipse another 5% by year end.

If you’re a person who’s happy with ‘good enough’, BAIL OUT NOW.

HIGH Expectations

We have our eye on the horizon. We’re looking for a team member to learn the ins and outs from the ground up; someone who’s willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in printing plastisol ink.

Job duties:

  1. Setup every printing job.
  2. Print – to my unflinchingly high expectations of what passes as good.

Every day, every project, brings a new challenge.

Every shirt is a blank canvas. You apply your skills to making art. You print a sh**load of shirts and when that project’s finished, you start the next with a fresh canvas.

It’s all about the art. Your work will feed thousands of grass-root marketing plans. 

If you’re:

  • mechanically minded
  • obsessed with detail
  • physically capable of feeding the beast at speed (seriously, 500 shirts an hour is LABOR)

Here’s what you do:

  • Open your email
  • Type in drew@tshirtexpressohio.com
  • In the subject line, type “500 shirts an hour”
  • Attach your resume
  • If you’re really keen, you’ll know my last name and include it in the email

If you want to create a physical product and hone a craft, we might be exactly what you’re looking for.

You’ll be a member of a great team. We pull together. But yeah, when it comes to brass tacks – printing and setting up jobs to print, that’s the job. Your job.

It’s a full time gig. 9-11$ per hour to start, depending.

Experience in screen printing is not needed. We do it different and better anyway.