When is a shirt not just a shirt? When it’s representing you, your company, your club, your team, your tribe. The physical aspects of the choice of shirt can help or hinder.

Two factors to keep in mind.

Function and Image.

Let’s take a look at function.

Wet t-shirt contests use white shirts for an obvious reason. If you’re outfitting a church youth mission outing or choosing shirts for a girls soccer tournament, white is going to cause headaches. Especially when it rains.

Your construction worker employees won’t appreciate super soft shirts that are cut to fit slim. They will appreciate being offered a shirt that can withstand a couple of dozen washing and maintain the majority of it’s initial high-visibility look after being worn day after day under a unremitting sun.

When you’re loading tons of shirts into a t-shirt cannon to hype up the hometown crowd under the Friday night lights, we know exactly the shirt you want. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and won’t break the bank.

Every time someone wears your shirts they are telling people that they like your company, they like what you stand for, and they like what your shirt says about them. If they enjoy wearing your shirt, they’ll wear it more often. That’s why the fit and and the feel of the material is so important. Your shirts are representing you. The lawyer doesn’t drive to the big trial in a used Hyundai. She arrives in a late model Lexus. It’s all about her image.

Do you have an image that is worth projecting? Choose the shirt that matches that image.

Tell us what you need the shirts for, what aspects you find to be most important, and we’ll direct your best options.

We know shirts. We shirt all day long.