If you are an entrepreneur, I salute you. You are my people.

Not an entrepreneur? I suggest you consider the possibility!

Entrepreneurs Are Good for the Community.

The Walmartification and Amazoning of America happened. Change moved through the world causing the destruction of many thousands of entrepreneurs and their enterprises. But between the Walmart/Amazon vacuum and the dawning realization of the limits of what a they can provide – there is opportunity! More change cometh! The world is your oyster!

If you’ll afford me the time to wax philosophical for a moment: There is great risk in choosing to become an entrepreneur. But have you considered that there may be a greater risk in not becoming an entrepreneur?

Owning a business is not a panacea, not a cure to all ills. But I strongly believe, that with where we exist in history, with what we face, it offers a solidly compelling, overwhelmingly positive choice.

Purpose is empowering.

You know how the responsibility that came with your children changed you? Same with a business. Your family, your employees, they count on you. Does that sound scary? Good, it should. Being scared is a good first step.

Employ people. Do well by them. Come closer to fulfilling your potential, because sitting behind someone else’s desk won’t cut it. Yes, you will lose some of the false comfort thinking your job will remain yours as long as you don’t muck it up. That’s not living. Grab life by the horns.

If none of this has struck a chord with you, please don’t start (or buy) a business. Please stop reading. Go away. You’re a fine human being, but I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Exit here.

I’m Planting a Seed.

You. You know. There’s SOMETHING there. A what if. Long shelved pipe dreams, interrupted by reality. What if? What IF? Turn it over in your mind. Disagree with me. Argue with me. Tell me where to get off. But perhaps you should water that seed. It’s got potential.

If this has tickled you, keep dreaming.

If you’ve always wanted to do and I’ve just reinforce what you already know, stop dawdling, get out there and DO!

Go forth and be human, create and build!