That amazing artwork, properly screen printed and cured the way we do it, will withstand a heap load of machine washings if you just simply follow the “care instructions” on the tag inside the shirt…if you have your glasses on and if you can decipher the Egypto-NASA washing symbols.

In addition to those hieroglyphic instructions, we recommend that you keep these energy conservation tips in mind:

  • If it ain’t dirty, don’t wash it. Seriously. Research has proven that delaying laundry saves water and (your) energy.
  • Ok, eventually you’ll have to wash it. When that time comes start by turning the shirt inside out so your jeans don’t beat the crap out of the screen print. It’s a no brainer, your t-shirt probably turned itself inside out when you pulled it off over your head, so go with it. Conserve your energy and resist the urge to fix it right before washing.
  • Use less hot water.If your shirt isn’t absolutely grimy, be kind to the print and use cooler water. Tree-huggers will sing your praises!
  • Dry it longer with cooler temps. EVEN BETTER: Beautify the outdoors with great art. Be a litter-quitter and line dry that lovely t-shirt! Save the whales!

If you really, really love your shirt, here are MORE tips we stole from elsewhere:

  • For a brand new, bright colored shirt (the shirt is bright, not the print): add a cup of vinegar to the first wash with the detergent. “They” say it helps the shirt hold its bold color.
  • For dark shirts you might want to try a special “detergent for dark colored garments” which sounds like “toothpaste for your back teeth” to me, but since proving your love for your shirt is very important to you, have at it. Oh, and let us know if it works.
  • In general, we don’t recommend ironing a screen-printed shirt. First of all, it’s a freaking t-shirt – why would you want to iron it? And B) the ink in a screen print is plastic. Irons are hot. And hot plastic m e l t s. And guess what? You’ll conserve energy.
  • But, if your mom absolutely insists on ironing your screen printed t-shirt politely ask her to put a towel between your shirt and the iron. And maybe you should supervise her work. It is, after all, one of your favorite go-to’s.
  • Wow you’re getting really great at this Energy Conservation stuff. Well done.

Stuff Your Mom Tried to Teach You:

  • If your shirt is a basic cotton, ringspun, blend t-shirt – throw the damn thing in the washer and then the dryer. You’re good to go.
  • Washing too hot, drying too hot, DOES risk shrinking some garments. Outside of that, just do your laundry, man.