Our most important purchase decisions revolve around self-definition.

We buy what we buy to tell the world and remind ourselves who we are and we we aspire to be. And, we use this same criteria to decide who we’re going to give our business to.

Powerful brands extend beyond product and benefits and tap into our emotions: They’re built on our need to belong.

Relational customers aren’t just buying what you sell; they’re buying who you are.

The most magnetic brands are built on the core values of the person at the helm and relentlessly delivered by people who share those same values.

When you consciously choose what you are offering, you’ll understand:

  • Why your customers do business with you
  • What your most loyal customers have in common
  • How to connect with them
  • How to make them feel special
  • What it will take to make them customers for life

When building your loyal following – what you do is waaaay more important than what you say.

Be deliberate in your choices.