Art matters. And good art sticks around.
I was in Walmart this morning and I saw a shirt that I helped to create, five years ago. It was very simple print, a hype shirt for a ball game. All that had been requested was a bee and a couple of words. I remember having fun making it stand out. I found a really cool bee that looked nothing like the local team mascot, but worked real well for the concept. Paired it with a cool matching font, and voilá! A better than average print was born!

a good idea to steal

The shirt had clearly been well loved and oft worn. There it was, still out and about, making its statement over and over again.

Andy Warhol wasn’t wrong to point out that even mass produced art could either be good or not. And there’s no way around it, screen printing shirts is a form of mass producing art. Art matters. Good art attracts positive attention.

I don’t mean to burden you with a responsibility you weren’t hyper-aware of before now, but if you’re going to order some shirts, it’s up to you – are you going to make the world a more or less beautiful place?

Good art represents your tribe in a better light and it has a higher likelihood of being appreciated and worn more often than less than good art. A little bit of attention, and effort, and skill, at the front end (designing the shirt and art) can pay itself back in so many more repeated viewings and wearings. Art matters. And good art stands the test of time.