Every great event deserves a great shirt.  #EGEDAGS

• Shirts that identify your staff and volunteers.
• Shirts that attendees will line up to buy to add to their collection of favorites.

Every Labor Day weekend JC’s Autos raises money for Knox County’s Disabled Veterans with a kick’n vintage car show.

We love working with Jeff.

We’ve seen how his efforts have moved this fundraiser forward each year. That includes the artwork on his shirts – it’s just one of the ways this event has evolved over the years.

See the difference for yourself.

2016 – Jeff chose a single color, basic clip-art stock picture of a two-door sedan from the ’50s.

The bold orange color ensured that these t-shirts stand out in any crowd.

2017 – Upping his game, Jeff’s shirts profiled a vintage Ford Mustang using single-color clip-art with some halftone (shadow) details.

The halftone details and the ‘robin’s egg blue’ color, gave collectors one more reason to add this 2017 edition to their collection.

2018 – This is his nicest shirt yet! A shirt that demands to be worn.

Jeff chose the specific truck, make, model, and year.

We used the shirt color to make a monochromatic photo look.

JC's Auto - Artwork with legs!

2019 – Jeff has found his stride!

This year’s shirt boasts the full-color picture of the Chevelle that was 2018’s Car Show winner.

The full-colour detail of this fabulous vehicle makes this shirt a “must-have” for vintage car enthusiasts.

This winning strategy has legs. By spotlighting the past year’s winning vehicle Jeff has added another incentive for vintage car owners to enter the show!

Who wouldn’t want their pride and joy featured on a great shirt?

Tips for event organizers:

  • When you want to up the Personal Experience Factor for visitors to your event, dress your volunteers in brightly colored logoed shirts so they stand out in the crowd. The shirts are a nice thank-you to the people who are giving you their time. And the fact that only the true insiders have shirts in that color definitely ups the cachet factor.
  • Selling your logoed shirts is an effective grassroots marketing strategy. An affordable, comfortable shirt boasting great artwork will be worn with pride, simultaneously keeping your event in the public eye.
  • Provide justifiable reasons for people to add the new shirt to what will be their growing collection of shirts by updating your artwork and changing the color of the shirt every year.
  • Know your flock. Women and men are built differently. There. We said it. You may get away with one-size-fits-all – once. But if shirts are part of your marketing plan, consider upping the ante by offering shirts for men and women.
  • You can bet that there are people who meant to buy a shirt but didn’t get around to it – so we suggest that you continue to sell your shirts online, for a limited time, post-event.

Tap into our years of experience. We shirt every day and we’re really good at it.

Ask us about making you shirts that wow!